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Case Study: Helping AIC Cut Daily Backup Window While Saving Money & Staff Time

Established in 1986, Canadian mutual fund company AIC Ltd. has $4.5 billion in assets under management and is a recognized leader in value investing, where one of the key concepts is protecting one's principal. This focus on safety and security can also be seen in AIC's commitment to maintaining a strong backup and disaster recovery infrastructure. That's why the firm's IT staff was determined to take action when data growth began to strain their infrastructure and impact business operations.

"Overnight backups were stretching well into the next work day, the time to manage all that data was increasing, and the cost of so much tape storage had also become an issue," said Ben Barnes, AIC's Manager of Infrastructure Services.

By replacing its existing tape system with a Quantum DXi™5500 disk backup solution featuring data deduplication and replication technology, the company reduced the time required for daily backups by four to seven hours, drastically cut its tape storage costs, and significantly decreased the time IT staff spent managing backups and restores. Ben Barnes, Manager of Infrastructure Services claims, "We started to see benefits of the Quantum DXi5500 right from day one... this is a top-notch solution."

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Quantum Corporation
01 Apr 2009
01 Apr 2009
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Case Study

This resource is no longer available.