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Is the Telecom Back Office Ready for a Technology Refresh?

In order to remain competitive and grow, service providers must increase revenue through value-add services and build innovative new business models, while reducing capital and operating expenses. While it sounds simple, it's not easily achieved chiefly because of the constraints caused by the legacy billing and business support systems in the service provider's back office.

Commercial open source is taking hold in enterprises outside of the telecom industry, managing mission critical operations for organizations and government agencies all over the world. Telecom service providers of all sizes need to explore the benefits that open source will bring to their ability to quickly and easily deploy new business models, not to mention the decrease in total cost of ownership associated with the open source model.

Featuring Mark Lowenstein, Managing Director of the Mobile Ecosystem, the leading consulting and advisory firm focused on next generation mobile communications products and services, this Mediacast will address the following:
  • The Current Telecom Market Situation
  • The Limitations of Today's Legacy BSS Solutions
  • The Benefits of the Open Source Model
  • Open Source in the Telecom Back Office systems.


Mark Lowenstein Managing Director, Mobile Ecosystem Mark Lowenstein is a leading wireless industry executive, advisor, and commentator. As one of the wireless industry's thought leaders, Mr. Lowenstein has advised nearly all of the major players across the mobile value chain, as well as top advertising agencies, media/entertainment firms, and industry associations. Jim Messer CEO, and Co-Founder of Transverse Jim Messer, President and CEO, is an experienced professional in the telecom business and operations support systems (BSS/OSS) software market. As President and CEO of Transverse, Jim is responsible for the strategic vision, direction, and day-to-day leadership of the company. Drawing from his experience spanning the fields of management, sales, business development, and regulatory policy, Jim has established Transverse as the telecom industry's first open source BSS solution. Chris Couch Chief Operating Officer and Co-Founder of Transverse As one of the co-founders of Transverse, Chris was instrumental in establishing the company's commercial open source business model. He launched the product design of the blee(p) platform and spearheaded the selection and integration of best-of-breed open source projects to integrate with blee(p) to form the Transverse Solution. His telecom experience spans the fields of marketing, business development, product development and management.
May 8, 2009

This resource is no longer available.