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Data Center Humidity


Data center humidity is often an afterthought compared to temperature, but keeping it at the right level keeps computer components from failing, and energy from being wasted. Within the industry there is debate about the proper humidity range to ensure safety of data center equipment, as well as whether there exists better ways to measure humidity in the room besides the relative humidity reading.


In this paper, Dr. Bob Sullivan discusses relative humidity and if it's still relevant in the data center today, a better way to manage your computer room, and some best practices on how to improve the energy efficiency of your data center.


He'll also talk about electrostatic discharge or ESDportion of the humidity controller with three differing views:


  • Electrostatic Discharge Association
  • His field experience
  • Hardware manufacturers' requirements


Dr. Bob Sullivan ComputerSite Engineering Dr. Robert F. Sullivan, or “Dr Bob” as he is commonly known within the uninterruptible uptime industry, joined ComputerSite Engineering in 2000 after a 32-year career with IBM. In 1992, Bob originated the concept now known as Cold Aisle/Hot Aisle cooling and is the co-author of the white paper, Alternating Cold and Hot Aisles, which reviews a wide variety of equipment tethering techniques.

Dr. Bob received a BS degree in Mechanical Engineering from Northwestern University, followed by a MS degree and PhD in Applied Mechanics from Stanford University. He is a recognized expert in the areas of computer room environments, hardware installation, computer room layout, power and power distribution, grounding, cooling, and airflow, in addition to contamination identification and remediation.

Dr. Bob has been intimately involved in the diagnosis and solution of conductive contamination problems in computer rooms and is recognized as the leading authority throughout the world on the subject. He was part of the team that identified the phenomenon of Zinc Whisker contamination, its source, and the necessary steps to remediate such situations.

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This resource is no longer available.