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Comparative Management Cost Survey: Workload Weighting for Mid-range Storage Array Administrators

Despite the struggling economy and chaos on Wall Street, the amount of critical data that must be securely stored continues to rise with no end in sight. Business organizations simply have no choice but to continue investing in storage solutions. Faced with this reality, companies find it all the more imperative to focus on the considerable administrative costs of managing burgeoning storage resources as an area in which savings might be realized. Choosing storage solutions that curtail or even reverse the rise of those costs can alleviate, at least, the unavoidable drain on the budget that storage entails.

To help address that issue, Representatives from HP StorageWorks asked Edison Group to develop and perform a series of interviews and surveys with storage administrators of mid-ange SAN storage arrays from HP and its key competitors: NetApp and EMC. The study was designed to identify how much of their day a storage administrator spends on various tasks, the relative importance of these tasks, and the priorities of the administrators.

After completing the surveys, Edison analyzed the results, created weighting factors, and developed this white paper to provide IT decision makers with the facts needed to make informed decisions in their storage administration choices.

Hewlett Packard Enterprise
16 Mar 2009
23 Feb 2009
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This resource is no longer available.