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Optimize server utilization in real time with HP Virtual Server Environment for HP Integrity servers


Your business is dynamic. Faced with unpredictable market pressures and limited resources, you must lower your costs, accelerate growth, and mitigate risks, if you are to sustain a competitive advantage. This is a challenge in today's typical data center, where the infrastructure cannot easily be shifted to accommodate changing business needs. In response, enterprises generally provision more servers and storage devices than they need in order to handle the forecasted peak workloads for each application, leading to costly underutilization of resources.


One of the most effective ways to address these challenges is to use virtualization technology to create what we call an Adaptive Infrastructure-one that responds to demand by dynamically supplying computing resources, when and where they are needed. Virtualization involves pooling and sharing IT resources, so IT supply automatically meets business demands. This allows you to make use of the IT assets you already have more effectively and delay or avoid acquiring new assets altogether. HP Virtual Server Environment (VSE), the HP virtualization solution for HP Integrity servers, gives you the flexibility you need to increase the return on your IT investments and become more agile at the same time.


HP VSE now includes breakthrough technology, called logical servers, which brings the flexibility of virtualization to physical Integrity blade servers. A logical server is a server profile that can be easily created and freely moved across your physical infrastructure. This simplifies infrastructure change and increases business agility.

Hewlett Packard Enterprise
17 Mar 2009
08 Dec 2008
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This resource is no longer available.