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Preparing for Tomorrow's Threat Today: What We Can Learn from the History of Malware and Defenses


There is one given in the IT security realm and that is change. The challenges faced by security professionals a decade ago are much different than the challenges we face today. Not long ago, hackers concentrated their efforts on malicious software that was designed for recognition, fame, and glory. Attack vectors of the 21st century have changed; now, many attacks are financial in nature. Current FBI estimates indicate that malicious software and attacks targeting identity theft cost American businesses and consumers more than $50 billion a year. Yesterday's virus is today's custom malware, while denial of service attacks has been replaced with botnets.


From 'Early Attacks' to 'Bleeding-Edge Defenses', this paper examines the history of attacks of malware and the defenses needed to counter these attacks.



Michael Gregg CTO, Superior Solutions, Inc. Michael Gregg has 20 years’ information security experience. Mr. Gregg is the CTO of Superior Solutions, Inc., a Houston-based IT security consulting and auditing firm. Mr. Gregg has led security risk assessments, establishing security programs within top corporations and government agencies. He is an expert in security risk assessment, security risk management, security criteria, and building corporate security programs.
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13 Mar 2009
13 Mar 2009
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This resource is no longer available.