IBM Lotus Sametime Software Integration with Microsoft Applications: Connecting, Conversing and Collaborating More Conveniently

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IBM Lotus Sametime software is an award-winning platform for realtime collaboration. For years, organizations of all types have taken advantage of the Lotus Sametime platform's powerful, security-enhanced features, such as integrated presence awareness, instant messaging (IM), Web conferencing, voice and video, to help people quickly find, reach and collaborate with each other. In addition, IBM Lotus Sametime software integrates out of the box with Microsoft applications, giving you direct access to a comprehensive set of collaboration capabilities without having to leave the Microsoft Office or SharePoint environment.

From within your Microsoft Word, Microsoft PowerPoint and Microsoft Excel applications, you can take advantage of a broad set of Lotus Sametime capabilities, including these:

  • Presence awareness. Names within your Microsoft documents are IM-aware, which means you can see if a document author--or any name included in a document--is online. Say you're reviewing a client proposal, and you come across a project estimate that you want to verify. With presence awareness, you can see immediately--directly from the proposal--that the writer is online and available to answer your questions.
  • Business-class instant messaging. IM capabilities within your Microsoft documents can help you get information and answers quickly, so you can get on with your work. Want to verify a data point in an Excel spreadsheet? There's no need to leave the spreadsheet to start a chat, a voice call or even a videoconference.
  • Web conferencing. Some projects require collaboration to move them along, which is why you can now initiate Web conferences directly from your Microsoft Office applications. Imagine that you're working on a chart within a PowerPoint presentation, and it needs some refining. With Web conferencing, you can share the presentation with team members in realtime and even jointly edit it live, saving the time you'd otherwise take sending e-mails or managing multiple versions of the content.
Feb 8, 2021
Mar 13, 2009
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