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Architecture Recovery: Making Sense of Your Existing Applications

Like many others, you are probably living with many legacy applications, without even considering that today's applications are tomorrow's legacy. You probably want to evolve them, but are afraid to even try as there is likely no documentation and the original architects are long gone. However, you know that the first step to leveraging and reusing your existing infrastructure is to understand your applications and more particularly their architecture.

Based on his architectural digs experience for his architecture handbook, Grady Booch will introduce you to the concept of architecture recovery.

Booch always says: "The code is the truth, but not the whole truth." Join this webcast to hear Booch discuss architecture recovery discipline, introducing an approach to extract architecturally significant elements from your code, models, documentation or even tribal memory as a first step to IT transformation.


Grady Booch Chief Scientist, Software Engineering, IBM Grady Booch is recognized internationally for his innovative work on software architecture, modeling, and software engineering processes. All of his work has improved the effectiveness of developers worldwide. Grady is one of the original developers of the Unified Modeling Language (UML) and was also one of the original developers of several of Rational's products including Rational Rose, the industry leading visual development tool. Grady is the author of six best-selling books, has published several hundred technical articles on software engineering, and has lectured and consulted worldwide. Grady served as Chief Scientist for Rational Software. He is a Chief Scientist, Software Engineering in IBM Research and an IBM Fellow.
Mar 13, 2009

This resource is no longer available.