Presentation Transcript: Agile Software Release Readiness: Cleared for Takeoff or Crash and Burn?

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Imagine being in an airplane cockpit prior to takeoff. The crew systemically performs mandatory safety checks, ensuring the plane is ready to depart. Without the necessary verifications, the plane never leaves the ground. Shouldn't software delivery be the same - especially in an Agile Environment?

Absolutely. Mission critical verifications are critical to software release readiness for Agile Environments. Yet, more times than not, software hits the market that's simply not ready.

Read this presentation transcript from the webcast of the same name for interactive panel discussion where you will have an opportunity to engage some of the industry's most well respected experts in this area. You'll get your specific questions answered as the panel sounds off on:

  • When is a release really "ready"?
  • Who should be involved in determining readiness criteria?
  • What are the consequences, both business and technical, of releasing without being "ready"?
  • What are some practical metrics and risk indicators that should be part of any release readiness implementation?
  • And more!

In today's challenging economic climate, the consequences of releasing software prematurely can be severe. Read this presentation transcript and learn how you can transform your next software release into a more managed and predictable business process, increasing the likelihood of your success.

Borland Software Corporation
Feb 8, 2021
Mar 12, 2009
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