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The Lumension Security Vulnerability Scanner is a network-based scanning utility that provides IT departments with comprehensive visibility into their entire heterogeneous network environment through in-depth scans and the automated discovery of all assets, both managed and unmanaged. The vulnerability scanner is able to discover silent or hidden network nodes, even if they are not currently managed by agents. By leveraging Lumension's large pre-built vulnerability and configuration repositories as well as customized vulnerability policies, the network scanner assesses Operating System, Application, and Security Configuration1 vulnerabilities that exist within the network environment to proactively identify and prioritize known issues before they can be exploited. Utilizing an intuitive user interface, vulnerability assessment information can be prioritized by vulnerability severity as well as organizational impact, and grouped by vulnerability specifics or computing assets (machines).


The main benefits of the Lumension Security vulnerability scanner are:

    Complete identification and inventory of all devices on the networkAccurate scans of all devices for software and configuration-based vulnerabilitiesRisk-based prioritization of identified threatsContinuously updated vulnerability database for orderly remediationComprehensive reports of scan results
Feb 8, 2021
Mar 11, 2009
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