Profiting on Sustainability through Smart Demand-Supply Networks

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Global warming and resource limitations increase the need for sustainability, and in response, governments, retailers, and consumers are forcing manufacturers to be ever more environmentally efficient in the creation and distribution of their products. As most product manufacturers have in effect become extended network managers, the ability to accurately account for all the energy and raw materials used to create a particular product has become extremely difficult. Despite these challenges, there are significant cost advantages and brand enhancements to be achieved, in addition to regulatory and consumer requirements to be met, by improving demand-supply network sustainability.

By employing a Smart Demand-Supply Network, manufacturers can gain visibility and control over their products' lifecycles, reduce the carbon and energy footprints of their trading partners, and attain brand and cost leadership in an increasingly environmentally-conscious business climate.

Feb 8, 2021
Mar 6, 2009
Case Study
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