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LimelightHD: Transforming the digital media experience with fast delivery of stunning full-screen HD video


Whether you're in the business of delivering movies, TV shows, sports events, or immersive games, your audiences demand brilliance. With LimelightHD, a revolutionary new service from Limelight Networks, you'll delight viewers with true HD video that renders in amazing clarity and speed over the Internet. Best of all, this high performance service allows you to deliver enormous HD files while conforming to the economics of your business.


LimelightHD builds on our LimelightDELIVER and LimelightSTREAM services, leveraging the same robust network features to speed delivery of HD video to your audience's screens. Our massively provisioned Delivery Centers cache all of your active HD content close to your users, connecting directly with more than 900 user access networks around the world. So when a viewer hits Play, your HD video plays in an instant. No false starts and no skips or stutters. And with our 100 percent SLA, delivery is guaranteed, all day and night, all the time.

Limelight Networks, Inc.
06 Mar 2009
06 Mar 2009
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This resource is no longer available.