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LimelightDELIVER: Fast, Reliable, and Scalable Delivery of Video, Music, Games, Social Media, and Software


There are nearly a billion broadband users around the world. File sizes and media libraries are expanding exponentially. Media-viewing habits change overnight, and there are expectations of anytime-anywhere access at lightning speeds. Limelight Networks has the content delivery network (CDN) to satisfy these escalating demands and meet your rapidly evolving business models. Whether users are renting videos, sharing music, downloading games, or upgrading to the latest software, our LimelightDELIVER service provides unmatched performance and scalability for HTTP distribution of large media objects - even HD video - to global audiences of any size. Video and music files can be downloaded in their entirety or using progressive download.


Not just for rich media and large objects, LimelightDELIVER gives standard websites a significant performance boost. No matter how many pages you have, you want them to load in an instant. With LimelightDELIVER, your website will perform beautifully - no worries about abandoned transactions, lost sales, or frustrated users - even during extreme traffic spikes.

Limelight Networks, Inc.
06 Mar 2009
06 Mar 2009
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This resource is no longer available.