Jumping on the Cloud-Wagon? AppZero's Virtual Application Appliance Approach

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This paper explains the need to approach server-side application distribution and provisioning that is architected for the cloud and designed for IT. AppZero's virtual application appliance (VAA) approach fits the bill with zero operating system (OS), zero install, and zero overhead deploying server-side applications in time that approaches zero.


The attributes of AppZero's VAA approach to server-side application virtualization conveys the following advantages in the cloud environment:


  • An application packaged as a VAA can be moved from within an enterprise to the cloud, or from server to server, with zero friction. Movement is as simple as a file copy.
  • The VAA arrives at a machine that is running a compatible instance of the OS it needs, and the application is instantly up and running.
  • VAAs run in complete isolation from each other and from other applications, so they can safely co-exist on one server.
  • Performance overhead is negligible. VAAs run at 97% of an application in its native environment. Server density and utilization can be dramatically improved.
  • Because VAAs can leverage off-the-shelf VPN technology, and they don't alter the underlying OS on which they run, moving a VAA to the cloud will leave behind no data artifacts. This attribute addresses the issue of cloud security and compliance.
  • In today's economic environment, many organizations are halting research and development efforts that require the purchase of capital equipment. VAAs in the cloud make it possible to continue these initiatives, with zero CAPEX and 100% ownership of their applications anywhere/anytime.
Feb 8, 2021
Mar 4, 2009
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