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Mass-Market Broadband in High-Growth Markets

Broadband provides a fast, always-on connection necessary for high-growth economies to reap the social and economic benefits of Information and Communication Technologies. To increase broadband penetration in a market, telecom service providers must deliver broadband services beyond the profitable hotspots of advanced business users and high-income residential users to reach the mass market. Bringing broadband to the mass market in high-growth markets requires a comprehensive end-to-end solution that combines wireless and wireline technologies to deliver a single, high-speed, open network. With the Network Evolution to Mass Broadband solution, the telecom service provider can deliver broadband to subscribers with monthly ARPU as low as US $10, greatly increasing revenues and winning significant market share.

To accelerate deployment and uptake of broadband services to the mass market, Alcatel-Lucent offers telecom service providers a comprehensive approach, combining wireless and wireline technologies, and leveraging the latest broadband-enabled technologies adapted for economical coverage and capacity. Densely populated and easily accessible areas can be connected with wireline solutions, while wireless solutions provide economically viable broadband connectivity to smaller villages and remote regions.

The Alcatel-Lucent Network Evolution to Mass Broadband (NEMB) solution enables this network transformation with a complete, end-to-end approach. The solution combines access, transport and core networks with applications and wide-ranging managed services. This "one-stop" solution provides telecom service providers with the cost-effective tools and capabilities they need to accelerate broadband uptake in high-growth economies.

03 Mar 2009
03 Mar 2009
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This resource is no longer available.