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Wireless Push Email for the Smaller Business: A Comparison

Many small firms are exploring ways to provide push email capability to wireless devices carried by their highly mobile workforces. Indeed, workers such as medical professionals, legal professionals, real estate agents, insurance agents, banking and financial representatives, builders, maintenance workers, accountants, and sales people all spend significant amounts of time away from their desk while traveling to customers or working from remote locations. Many of these professionals work in small groups or organizations consisting of a few, or at most a few dozen workers. Despite their relatively smaller size, the sophistication of today's business environment requires that these workers be enabled with many of the same technology solutions that larger enterprises have been utilizing for some time.

One of the key functions required virtually any mobile worker in a large or small business pushes wireless email to their mobile device from their organizational email system. Many mobile workers spend in excess of 50% of their working hours away from their offices and must stay in touch with the company to remain efficient and effective in their work. Email has achieved mission-critical status in nearly all businesses and as such, forms the backbone of many business communications and collaboration systems.

This whitepaper explores the requirements and use of mobile extensions to email and PIM systems in companies that have selected the popular Microsoft Exchange environment as their email solution.


Jack E. Gold Founder and Principal Analyst, J.Gold Associates Jack E. Gold is Founder and Principal Analyst at J.Gold Associates. Mr. Gold has over 35 years in the computer and electronics industries, including work in imaging, multimedia, technical computing, consumer electronics, software development and manufacturing systems. He is a leading authority on mobile, wireless and pervasive computing, advising clients on business analysis, strategic planning, architecture, product evaluation/selection and enterprise application strategies. Before founding J. Gold Associates, he spent 12 years with META Group as a Vice President in Technology Research Services. He also held positions in technical and marketing management at Digital Equipment Corp. and Xerox. Mr. Gold has a BS in Electrical Engineering from Rochester Institute of Technology and an MBA from Clark University.
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27 Feb 2009
27 Feb 2009
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This resource is no longer available.