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The four levels of data readiness - Why the common practice of data migration is not good enough!


When most companies prepare for an SAP implementation, they only focus on configuration. These companies are rarely given a meaningful explanation of their data readiness and what that means to the coming ERP system.

If your company is preparing an SAP implementation, this white paper is a must - read! It explains the four levels of date readiness.

The first level of data readiness, which is often referred to as "good enough to go-live," is the point where a company accepts an error rate simply to get the system up and running rather than risk further delays. Realizing that the bar can be raised because there is no reason to settle for an "acceptable" error rate and that data must be error free is the second step. The third level is business-ready, the point in which all business critical data is loaded and available. Finally, data should be validated and traceable. And for some industries needing to adhere to legal restrictions, this final step of validation is a legal or moral necessity.

BackOffice Associates
27 Feb 2009
27 Feb 2011
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This resource is no longer available.