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HIPAA: When the Hammer Falls

Organizations that fall under HIPAA have known for years that even if they slipped up and had a violation, there would be little or no enforcement coming. Fines have been small and sanctions few. But that's beginning to change, and these organizations now face the prospect of much harsher penalties.

This video will walk you through the new landscape of tougher audits, enforcements and fines and show you how to identify the potential weak spots in your compliance program before the auditors do.


Richard E. Mackey VP, SystemExperts Richard E. Mackey is regarded as one of the industry's foremost authorities on security and compliance. He is a frequent speaker and contributor to magazines and online publications and has advised leading financial firms on compliance with PCI, GLBA and SOX. Mackey has also provided guidance to a wide range of companies on enterprise security architectures, identity and access management and security policy and governance.
ArcSight, an HP Company
26 Feb 2009

This resource is no longer available.