Maximizing the Power of Your Desktop Database: Top business advantages of moving your data online

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Customer relationship and sales cycle management; project management and procurement; human resources and supply-chain tracking; inventory analysis and more-these are the data-driven initiatives that only reach their full potential when powered by true information. Choosing the right database solution to meet your unique organizational needs can elevate company performance to a new level, enabling disparate and far-flung teams to tap into, and transform, your data into the kind of business intelligence that breeds productivity, agility and competitive advantage.

Within this context, desktop databases present a series of limitations: They lack true collaborative functionality-forcing users to create "work-arounds" such as emailed spreadsheets. They require IT intervention in the form of installation, support, and maintenance-which often translates to project delays and unexpected expense. And, they're inflexible-forcing users to conform to features and processes dictated by the software, rather than project or team requirements.

Online databases, on the other hand, offer a faster, easier way to track and manage enterprise data at a fraction of the cost of desktop alternatives. They allow business users to quickly begin addressing their strategic mandates, without additional IT burden. Built-in flexibility supports on-the-fly customization, even for non-technical users. Perhaps most important, in today's economic climate, online databases truly bridge the gap between business and IT. As technology budgets shrink and organizational demands rise, business expectations for IT may soon outpace IT's ability to deliver. Shifting to an online database makes a minor dent in your budget but a major impact on your organization's strategic goals - enabling you to upgrade your existing capabilities without capital cost, and ultimately empowering your business users to take action on their information.

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Feb 8, 2021
Feb 24, 2009
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