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Critical Technologies for Compliance & Risk Management for Medical Device Companies

Taking the time to build the foundation for a sound master data management program is critical to the success of any compliance effort. The ten requirements in this paper will enable you to identify and evaluate a suitable technology platform - a prerequisite when managing your organization's master data assets and critical to establishing a consistent master data foundation.

How can medical device manufacturers best prepare themselves to ensure compliance with stricter regulations and to manage risk appropriately? Smart decision-makers, irrespective of their industry, are now seeking technology investments to help establish good governance models that will in turn help maintain regulatory compliance and lower operational risk. Master Data Management (MDM) is exactly this kind of investment and it offers the potential to substantially advance device manufacturers' compliance efforts. MDM ensures that critical enterprise data is validated as correct, consistent and complete when it is circulated for consumption by internal or external business processes, applications or users. But not all MDM technologies can address the various compliance requirements facing today's businesses. Only an integrated, model-driven, and flexible MDM platform that is easily configurable can provide the functionality needed to meet compliance requirements and lower risk.
Siperian, Inc.
20 Feb 2009
20 Feb 2009
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This resource is no longer available.