Executive Insight: Multi-Sourcing in the Call Center

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Although call center environments vary, most executives share two common goals for improving the frontline: to do things better, and to do them cheaper. In response to this overwhelming demand to do more with less, one of the most common solutions to "cheaper" has been to cut labor costs through labor arbitrage or multi-sourcing. But many executives have discovered after the fact that "cheaper" came at the expense of "better," taking with it quality, and consequently, customer loyalty.

In the call center, multi-sourcing is the act of segmenting an agent population by a number of criteria, which can include: geography, the employer, employment status, hours worked, or work environment. For the purposes of this study, the segmentation of agents by title, tenure, and union status was not evaluated, although some qualitative feedback was provided.

This paper examines how many executives are beginning to understand that cutting cost by outsourcing call center operations isn't always the best solution. Learn how "cheaper" often comes at the expense of "better".
Feb 8, 2021
Feb 20, 2009
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