IBM System x Enterprise Servers in the New Enterprise Data Center

IBM System x Enterprise Servers in the New Enterprise Data Center


Coping with dynamic change in the data center while stretching your IT dollars further and further and doing more with less are facts of life. New technologies offer you many options for relieving the strain.


But how do you know which solution and which solution provider are right for you? How can you be sure?


That's where IBM® comes in -- with its proven breadth of industry expertise, 4th generation X-Architecture® platform (eX4), and the x3850 M2 and x3950 M2 integrated System x™ enterprise servers with leadership performance and flexible scalability unmatched by any competitor, anywhere in the world. IBM System x enterprise servers in the new emerging data center targets: Virtualization and Consolidation, Database, and Enterprise Applications, while focusing on performance, reliability, and manageability. This means better value for your IT dollar in the form of:

  • Mainframe reliability and availability features for more confidence in running your business on x86 servers
  • A better design that uses less energy, which, in turn, helps lower the TCO of your business operations
  • More than 100 #1 benchmarks in all types of workloads, surpassing the competition by significant percentage points
  • Unmatched configuration flexibility of CPU, memory, and I/O
19 Feb 2009
19 Feb 2009
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