Go Green with IBM System x Servers and Intel Xeon Processors

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Do you remember how much your last server cost you overall? With energy prices on a steep climb, soon the cost to power and cool a server over its life span could equal its purchase price. According to IDC, over the next two years you'll spend 70 cents in power and cooling for every dollar you spend on hardware. Unless you expect energy costs to drop in the near future, it's quite likely that over the next five years your energy costs could end up exceeding your hardware costs.

By “going green” with energy-efficient IBM® System x™ servers featuring Intel® Xeon® processors, you can win back control of your IT budget--and win the battle with data center power constraints. Go green to:

  • Potentially cut your energy costs in half or better--or achieve greater performance within the same energy envelope
  • Expand IT without exceeding data center power limits
  • Save floor space for future growth
  • Leave your competitors to struggle with the energy crunch
Feb 8, 2021
Feb 19, 2009
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