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A Monthly Online Fraud Report from the RSA Anti-Fraud Command Center Phishing Repository


The RSA Online Fraud Report: Intelligence from the RSA Anti-Fraud Command Center. Online fraud is constantly evolving. Online attacks involving phishing and pharming represent one of the most sophisticated, organized and innovative technological crime waves faced by online businesses. Fraudsters have new tools at their disposal; and are able to adapt more rapidly than ever with advanced Trojans and crimeware, and more efficient delivery mechanisms and supply chains. Each month the RSA Anti-Fraud Command Center (AFCC) issues the RSA Online Fraud Report with key statistics from its global phishing repository. The reports also include trend analysis derived from the expertise of the AFCC fraud analysts. The AFCC is a 24x7 war-room that detects, monitors, tracks and shuts down phishing, pharming and Trojan attacks against over 350 institutions worldwide. The AFCC has shut down over 125,000 phishing attacks and is a key industry source for information on phishing and emerging online threats. We invite you to review the reports for your own benefit, and you are welcome to reuse the information and distribute it further as well - we only ask that when reusing the information, it be attributed to the RSA Anti-Fraud Command Center as the source.

20 Feb 2009
19 Feb 2009
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This resource is no longer available.