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Bridging the Gap: Security, Operations & Compliance

Enterprise IT knows about continuous innovation. In a never-ending quest to adjust to accelerated business environment changes, IT has created specialized teams within the network operations center (NOC), the security operation center (SOC) and audit groups to manage increasingly sophisticated threats, evolving regulations and new reporting mandates. These specialized teams continually deploy point products that are complemented by best practices within each focus area. While this approach may tactically meet the requirements of each area independently, it typically creates silos of incompatible data that hinder effective cross-functional business decision making.

eIQnetworks SecureVue provides the visibility required to navigate, manage and report on your networks health, behavior and risk. By implementing SecureVue your organization will:

  • Have a holistic view of your network
  • Have consolidated reports from each operational area of the network (Security, Operations and Compliance)
  • Enhance the communication and collaboration between Operations and Security personnel
  • Gain a Return On Investment by replacing other tools which may not be required
  • Foster standard processes and procedures for all teams vProvide the NOSC personnel with near real-time situational awareness
  • Bridge the gap between Operations, Security and Compliance tools and personnel
16 Feb 2009
16 Feb 2009
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This resource is no longer available.