Cisco Spam & Virus Blocker Frees Up Hours and Inboxes for Small Businesses

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Spam email continues to be a big problem, especially for small businesses. Small companies rely on email just as much as large enterprises, and their mail servers get clogged with unsolicited mail just as often. But, with fewer resources to spare to address the spam problem, small businesses need smarter solutions.

Unfortunately, the options that traditionally have been available to small businesses, such as antispam appliances and services, have been less than perfect solutions. Miocon Networks, for example, a small technology integrator in Louisville, Kentucky, relied on a third-party email filtering service to reduce spam, but the service carried a high recurring cost. Miocon's leaders were also uncomfortable with the lack of visibility and control over their email.

LUNAR, a product development consulting firm with offices in California, Europe, and Hong Kong had a major spam problem despite having just 50 employees. Receiving as many as 160,000 spam messages in a day, the company initially invested in a small-business anti-spam appliance, but the solution required a significant amount of ongoing time and attention in training the system to determine what was good email and what was spam.

Today, small businesses like Miocon and LUNAR have a better option for dealing with spam and email threats: the Cisco Spam & Virus Blocker. The Cisco Spam & Virus Blocker is a dedicated anti-spam, anti-virus, and anti-phishing email security appliance that delivers extraordinary accuracy and ease of use, in a solution designed specifically for small businesses.

This case study details how these and other small businesses implemented and then benefited from this Cisco software.

Cisco Systems, Inc.
Feb 8, 2021
Feb 13, 2009
Case Study
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