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Enhancing Disk-to-Disk Backup with Data Deduplication

Backup is critical to protecting data and ensuring its recoverability. However, backup applications, by design, continuously create new copies of the same data, resulting in an explosion of required storage capacity on tape and disk.

This webinar demontrates how FalconStor data deduplication solutions integrate seamlessly into your backup environment to address this problem, slashing media costs, streamlining management tasks, and minimizing the bandwidth required for replication. Data deduplication improves efficiency and saves money - exactly what is needed when IT budgets are tight.

  1. Eliminate redundant data
  2. Shrink your backup repository by 95%
  3. Reduce your storage infrastructure and maximize storage utilization
  4. Integrate seamlessly with backup software
  5. Maintain tape backup processes while maximizing data retention on disk
  6. Enable cost-effective, high performance D2T and D2D backup operations

FalconStor deduplication solutions such as FalconStor Virtual Tape Library (VTL) include disk mirroring to protect against local storage failure as well as replication to protect against disasters. The solution also includes a failover capability, which lets you recover data and respond to business requirements even if multiple nodes in a cluster fail. This same clustering approach allows you to scale to meet growing capacity and performance requirements while enhancing the overall deduplication efficiency. Clustering enables separate FalconStor VTL devices to be managed and used logically as a single data repository, supporting even the largest data requirements.

In addition, flexible FalconStor deduplication solutions integrate easily into your backup processes. Whether you currently back up to tape or to disk, FalconStor can provide you with the right interface to fit your environment. Multiple deployment models enable scalability from the smallest business or branch office to the largest enterprise data center.

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Feb 12, 2009

This resource is no longer available.