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Reproducing Defects: The First Step to Fixing Them

When solving problems with enterprise applications, the first challenge is to reproduce the error. This is the basic starting point of any problem resolution process - programmers need to reproduce problems to fix their code, testers must verify and document defect reports before sending them to development, and support teams need to understand the specific details of a problem before escalating user issues. It sounds simple enough, but for enterprise applications this can be an extraordinarily complex and costly process. Re-creating the environment, re-populating the database, and generating the required load on the servers is a tedious, manual process that involves many teams. There is a clear need for corporate IT to be able to automatically reproduce any problem, from anywhere in the world, without needing to reproduce it using brute force.

Join Theresa Lanowitz, analyst from voke, and Jonathan Lindo, CEO and Founder of Replay Solutions for a discussion of current challenges in today's application problem resolution processes and suggestions for how application development teams can dramatically shorten the process of fixing defects to speed time-to-market. This session will give practical guidance on how your application team can:

  • Save money and increase efficiency by eliminating complex processes needed to reproduce defects
  • Improve collaboration between geographically disperse teams
  • Increase application quality by fixing those hard to find or intermittent defects

Replay Solutions provides application problem resolution products that dramatically shorten the process of fixing defects to speed time-to-market. ReplayDIRECTOR functions like a DVR for enterprise applications - recording all inputs and events affecting your application while it is running, then replaying those steps to execute the code in exactly the same way and reproduce the error without needing to reproduce the environment the defect occurred in.

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Jonathan Lindo CEO & Co-Founder, Replay Solutions Jonathan has spent his career in the software development industry. Starting with Nortel Networks in 1992, he continued his career as either a founder or early member of several start-up companies. During this time, these companies experienced market successes, an IPO, and acquisition. Jonathan's research has resulted in eight patent filings for innovative technology including high-performance networking and P2P connectivity components. Theresa Lanowitz Founder of voke, Inc. Theresa Lanowitz, Founder of voke, inc. is recognized worldwide as a strategic thinker in application lifecycle, virtualization and convergence markets. With over 20 years of experience, Theresa has been associated with some of the most breakthrough technologies of their time. Prior to voke, Theresa was a research analyst with Gartner where she pioneered the application quality ecosystem, championed the application security space, and consistently identified new and emerging companies to watch.
Replay Solutions
Feb 11, 2009

This resource is no longer available.