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Avoiding Data Center Costs through Managed Application Delivery Services: Getting the Computing Resources You Need with Minimal Investment

CIOs are facing unprecedented challenges. Across all industries, demand for computing resources has skyrocketed, as bandwidth-hungry applications reshape business processes and go-to-market strategies. Regulatory initiatives and best practices have infused urgency into data retention and access requirements. Trends toward centralization of data resources - which provides greater consistency and control across the organization - conflict with the need to reach a worldwide market with standardized, high quality application delivery.

Tough times call for creative solutions. Faced with conflicting needs to enhance application performance without significant investment, IT departments are looking beyond traditional data center options and considering managed application delivery services, such as Akamai's Dynamic Site Accelerator and Web Application Accelerator services. Such options allow not only server offload for static caching and forwarding of data, but also enable highly efficient delivery of dynamic content - without requiring investment in infrastructure. After all, the best way to avoid data center costs is to avoid having to build or expand them in the first place.

Akamai Technologies
09 Feb 2009
09 Feb 2009
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This resource is no longer available.