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Eliminating Database Downtime When Upgrading from Oracle 8i or 9i to 10g or 11g

Oracle 8i and 9i database customers face urgency to upgrade to Oracle 10g or 11g, particularly where more business-critical applications are supported. In many cases, cross-platform migrations may also need to occur along with the database upgrade. From a user's perspective, they expect no downtime. Further, SLAs (service level agreements) may dictate strict availability levels. Therefore any outage, even if scheduled or "planned," has a negative impact on the business. This paper presents a practical, proven solution that tackles the challenge of upgrading to newer Oracle database versions without taking database downtime. Key technology components used in this solution are GoldenGate Software for real-time heterogeneous data replication with bi-directional failback and Oracle's Cross Platform Transportable tablespace feature.

In this white paper, learn about a practical, proven solution for:

  • Enabling a zero-downtime Oracle 8i or 9i database upgrade or migration to newer Oracle database versions
  • Achieving a rolling upgrade or migration
  • Keeping large volumes of transactions in synch across the databases
  • Managing partial or phased migrations or upgrades
  • Conducting data verification post-upgrade or migration
  • Implementing a fail-back strategy
GoldenGate Software, Inc.
29 Jan 2009
29 Jan 2009
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This resource is no longer available.