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VKernel Capacity Analyzer


Product Type: Virtualization Management


Target User: IT and Virtualization Administrators and Managers


IT Problem:
In a virtual server infrastructure where all resources are shared, optimal performance can only be achieved with an adequate amount of properly allocated resource capacity. Not allocating enough resources can cause critical bottlenecks - leading to performance problems and costly downtime events. Over-allocating resources can drive up your cost per virtual machine - making your VMs more expensive then the physical servers they replaced.


IT Download Description:
Inexpensive and easy-to-use, the patent-pending VKernel Capacity Analyzer delivers proactive resource monitoring and predictive capacity analysis capabilities that enhance VMware vCenter (VirtualCenter). Capacity Analyzer is the only virtualization server management software that predicts resource utilization trends and alerts users days in advance of potential issues. By improving capacity planning, Capacity Analyzer enables users to increase virtual machine (VM) densities on existing hardware while maximizing performance of the VMware ESX virtual data center - providing an instant ROI.


Download size: 350MB


Special Requirements:
VKernel Capacity Analyzer is delivered as self-contained virtual appliance and deploy instantly. Please expect a 20 minute download time.

09 Jan 2009
09 Jan 2009
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This resource is no longer available.