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jQuery on Rails (The Real Ones)

This session looks at how a large Class 1 transportation company leveraged jQuery to develop a client-side framework for building 80+ internal and customer-facing applications, using a variety of backend frameworks, such as Wicket, Struts, JSF, ColdFusion and raw servlets. This project streamlined the workflow from UI prototype through application implementation, increasing developer productivity regardless of which framework was utilized. The presentation explores the techniques utilized such as DOM transformations, and presents best practices and lessons learned along with code demonstrations. The talk examines how to develop and enterprise solution for leveraging a diverse server-side framework portfolio and deliver a consistent experience to end users.

In this session, you find out how to:

  • Develop an enterprise solution for leveraging a diverse server-side framework portfolio;
  • Deliver a consistent experience to end users with a client-side solution;
  • Avoid consolidating your development environment to one framework;
  • Understand how jQuery fits into an enterprise development environment;
  • Determine the cross browser/cross framework development issues to consider.

This session was recorded at The Ajax Experience conference in Boston, Massachusetts, September 29 - October 1, 2008.


Jonathan Sharp Owner, Out West Media Jonathan Sharp is a freelance Web designer and developer and owner of Out West Media in Omaha, Nebraska. Previously, Jonathan worked for Union Pacific Railroad where he served as Sr. Project Engineer and lead architect for UP's user interface library. Prior to joining Union Pacific in 2006, Jonathan worked for CSC and Motorola, Inc. in Chicago after helping start Imprev, Inc. in Bellevue, Washington in early 2000. Jonathan has served in a number of different roles, ranging from networking (former CCNA) and hardware management, up through user experience/usability. He now focuses exclusively on development best practices and creating a positive experience both for the end user and the developer.
The Ajax Experience
15 Jan 2009
Jan 7, 2009
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This resource is no longer available.