Presentation Transcript: Phishing and the Underground Economy

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These days it may be surprising to learn that there is one area of today's economy that is thriving: the underground economy. And with the reach and anonymity of the Internet, real-world criminals are using technology to become online fraudsters who think big — and leverage evolving, more sophisticated tactics that are a threat to your customers and to your reputation.

Where does phishing fit in this growing online underground economy, and what role will it likely play in the future of online fraud?

This presentation transcript, made from the webcast of the same name, will teach you all about:

  • How fraudsters are turning eCrime into a thriving business
  • New advances in the eCrime infrastructure
  • How botnets are used to host attacks against your brand
  • The latest phishing trends and new threats used to trick your customers
Feb 8, 2021
Jan 6, 2009
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