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SharePoint and Identity Management: Mixing Oil and Water?

The rapid adoption of SharePoint recounts many past experiences where an application is in high demand and deployed before identity and security concerns are fully understood or accounted for. Many enterprises find themselves in a situation where SharePoint now holds sensitive information that must be strictly controlled - or shared with external parties.

The inherent security and identity controls within SharePoint offer many options, but also limitations for deployment models in various collaboration scenarios. Third party tools are quickly arriving on the scene to provide enterprises with more flexibility, but with their own set of restrictions and pre-requisites.

This session will explore:

  • What are the challenging security and identity use cases for SharePoint collaboration?
  • Are conventions emerging for securing SharePoint sites?
  • When are third party tools necessary?
  • How dependent is SharePoint security on Active Directory?
  • How do we expect IdM for SharePoint to change in the future?


Gerry Gebel VP and Service Director, Burton Group Identity and Privacy Strategies Gerry Gebel is the Vice President and Service Director for Burton Group Identity and Privacy Strategies. He covers identity management, federation, entitlement management, user provisioning, authentication technologies, directories, privacy issues, and PKI. Since joining Burton Group in 2000, Gerry has written numerous reports and articles on these topics. Gerry has also been instrumental in advancing the state of identity-based interoperability by leading demonstration projects for federation, entitlement management, and user-centric standards and specifications. Prior to joining Burton Group, Gerry gained experience in architecture, engineering, integration, and production support of mainframe, client server and distributed systems in the financial services industry since 1986. Gerry was a founding member of Securities Industry Middleware Council, a vertical industry organization representing the securities industry to the IT provider community and served as council vice president and Security Focus Group chairman.
05 Jan 2009

This resource is no longer available.