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Akamai's Application Acceleration Services: Transform the Internet into a Business-Ready Application Delivery Platform


An increasing number of enterprises are consolidating their data centers and are turning to the Internet to deliver their business applications. Unfortunately the Internet on it's own is not well suited for reliable business use. It's an unpredictable network of networks, much different from your company's private WAN. When applications are delivered over the Internet end user performance can suffer greatly.


Akamai addresses the root-causes of Internet performance and scale by intelligently placing itself between the end-user and origin data center as an overlay network to the Internet, transforming it into a high-performing and reliable application delivery platform. Akamai's Application Performance Solutions provide a single platform that delivers on-demand performance and scale to dynamic web applications, IP enabled applications, and Web services. These solutions can provide optimal performance, scale, and global reach for critical business applications.


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    Web application delivery challengesThe culprits of slow application delivery over the InternetCommon approaches for improving application delivery
Akamai Technologies
13 Feb 2009
30 Dec 2008
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This resource is no longer available.