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Current trends in RFID: Improving Supply Chains by Exchanging RFID Data using EPCIS

RFID is rapidly evolving -- and as early adopters learn more about how to best use and deploy the technology, technologists are developing new and interesting RFID innovations. Furthermore, more potential use cases are emerging around how RFID technology can be used to solve today's business problems, and how companies are achieving supply chain visibility by sharing RFID data with others along the chain. A key enabler to sharing information with those along your supply chain is with the EPC Information Services (EPCIS) standard.

In this Expert Webcast, a noted independent RFID expert will share real-world use cases for RFID today, explain how companies can achieve total supply chain visibility with EPCIS, and provide insight about the future of RFID. Topics include:

  • EPCIS -- how it enables efficient RFID data sharing and reduces operational costs
  • Advice and tips -- typical use cases and how to get started with EPCIS and RFID
  • RFID tags -- how they are evolving and why the cost of tags are not an issue
  • EPCglobal -- what's in store for next-generation RFID projects

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Kenneth Traub Founder, Ken Traub Consulting LLC Ken Traub is an independent consultant and a recognized world expert in EPC and RFID software systems. Ken's experience comes from his active involvement in the development of standards within EPCglobal, and from deploying production systems based on these standards as CTO of one of the recognized pioneers of RFID middleware. Ken has been a founder and technical advisor to five high technology startups in the Boston area.
Zebra Technologies
Dec 22, 2008

This resource is no longer available.