IT Briefing: Efficient SAN-Based Tape Encryption

IT Briefing: Efficient SAN-Based Tape Encryption


The benefits of encrypting in the SAN include centralization and heterogeneity. Most organizations have a variety of existing tape drives, even drives that are considered obsolete, because tape drives have long lifespans. A heterogeneous solution that can perform encryption across all existing drives is very compelling.


SME is simple and nondisruptive, not requiring reconfiguration of hardware or rewiring of the SAN. In addition, the encryption engines are embedded into the Fibre Channel fabric, which eliminates the need for new cables, switch boards, and external appliances. SME performs automatic load balancing and failover, reducing the cost and complexity of the solution. The solution can be managed simply, with a minimum of tools.


Cisco is not offering a specific device that only performs encryption. Cisco offers services in the network: a service-oriented SAN architecture that contains storage-media encryption functionality.

Cisco Systems, Inc.
Feb 8, 2021
Dec 16, 2008
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