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McAfee Security Journal


This edition of the McAfee Security Journal focuses on social engineering, the psychology of decision making, and elementary social psychology to analyze why people fall for social engineering without perceiving the deception. Ten separate articles by ten separate authors provide a wide perspective on the methods cyberciminals are using to gain access to accounts and information from people and businesses around the world.


Jeff Green Senior Vice-President, Mcafee Avert Labs and Product Development Jeff Green is senior vice-president of Mcafee Avert Labs and Product Development. He has worldwide responsibility for Mcafee’s entire research organization, located throughout the Americas, Europe, and Asia. Green oversees research teams focused on viruses, hacker/targeted attacks, spyware, spam, phishing, vulnerabilities and patches, and host and network intrusion technologies. He also leads long-term security research to ensure that Mcafee stays ahead of emerging threats.
Hiep Dang Director of Anti-malware Research, Mcafee Avert Labs Hiep Dang is the Director of Anti-malware Research for Mcafee Avert Labs. He is responsible for the coordination of Mcafee’s global team of malware researchers dedicated to the research, analysis, and response to malware outbreaks, including viruses, worms, Trojans, bots, and spyware. Dang is a regular contributor to avert labs blogs and white papers and writes for the McAfee Security Journal. He has been interviewed by the Wall Street Journal, MSNBC, PC Magazine, and many other publications and media outlets about new threats and malware trends. Dang is also a devoted practitioner of Wah Lum Tam Tui northern Praying Mantis Kung Fu and Tai Chi. He is currently on a hiatus from his lifetime of training to concentrate on the computer security industry.
Karthik Raman Research Scientist, Mcafee Avert Labs Karthik Raman, CISSP, is a Research Scientist at Mcafee Avert Labs. His research interests in security include vulnerability analysis, network security, and software security. Beyond security, his interests include the cognitive and social sciences and computer programming. For fun, Raman plays cricket and the guitar and learns languages. Raman graduated with B.S. degrees in computer science and computer security from Norwich University (Vermont) in 2006.
Markus Jakobsson Principal Scientist, Palo Alto Research Center Dr. Markus Jakobsson is a Principal Scientist at Palo Alto Research Center. He researches phishing and countermeasures, click fraud, the human factor in security, cryptography, network security, and protocol design. He is an editor of Phishing and Countermeasures (Wiley, 2006) and co-author of Crimeware: Understanding New Attacks and Defenses (symantec Press, 2008).
Elodie Grandjean Virus Researcher, Mcafee Avert Labs Elodie Grandjean has been working as a Virus researcher for Mcafee Avert Labs in France since january 2005. She has more than five years of experience in reverse engineering on Windows platforms. Grandjean specializes in anti-reverse- engineering techniques, unpacking, and decryption, and has written for French security magazine MISC: Multi-System & Internet Security Cookbook. When she is not analyzing malware or programming, grandjean is probably browsing the Internet, unless she is attending a live concert or enjoying a Belgian beer in a pub with her friends.
Anthony Bettini Member of Senior Management Team, Mcafee Avert Labs Anthony Bettini is a member of the Mcafee Avert Labs senior management team. He specializes in Windows security and vulnerability detection. Bettini has spoken at the national Institute of standards and Technology’s national Information systems security conference in the Washington, D.C. area on anti-tracing techniques as well as for numerous global 2000 companies. While at Foundstone, he published new vulnerabilities found in Microsoft Windows, ISS scanner, PGP, Symantec ESM, and other popular applications. Bettini was the technical editor for Hacking Exposed, 5th edition (Mcgraw-Hill).
Craig Schmugar Threat Researcher, Mcafee Avert Labs Threat researcher Craig Schmugar has been researching and combating threats for Mcafee Avert Labs since 2000. Since then he has discovered and classified thousands of new threats, including the Blaster, Mydoom, Mywife, and Sasser worms. He admits that during this time he is starting to feel more anti-social.
Rahul Kashyap Manager, Vulnerability Research and IPS security, Mcafee Avert Labs Rahul Kashyap is the Manager, Vulnerability Research and IPS security for Mcafee Avert Labs. He is responsible for vulnerability research, zero-day analysis, intrusion prevention system content, and emergency response. Kashyap is a big Dilbert fan and hopes to start his own geeky security-focused comic strip some day.
Benjamin Edelman Assistant Professor, Harvard Business School Benjamin Edelman is an assistant professor at the Harvard Business School, where he studies electronic marketplaces and online fraud. He is also a special advisor to Mcafee for the SiteAvisor service, offering an independent perspective to supplement SiteAdvisor site ratings. Though a fast and accurate typist, Professor Edelman has occasionally embarked on unintended browsing adventures.
Aditya Kapoor Senior Researcher, Mcafee Avert Labs Aditya Kapoor is a senior researcher at Mcafee Avert Labs. He was introduced to reverse engineering six years ago while researching at the University of Louisiana at Lafayette for his master’s thesis, which focused on a sliding disassembly algorithm to tackle code obfuscation. at Mcafee, Kapoor developed skills in rootkit analysis, byte code comparison, and behavior analysis. He enjoys traveling and studying different cultures and architectures.
David Marcus Director of Security Research and Communications, Mcafee Avert Labs David Marcus is Director of Security Research and Communications for Mcafee Avert Labs. He brings Avert Labs’ extensive security research to Mcafee’s customers and the greater security community. Marcus’ current responsibilities include PR, media and thought leadership, serving as blogmaster for McAfee Avert Labs Security Blog, as well as being co-host of AudioParasitics--The Official PodCast of McAfee Avert Labs. He also manages all publications from Avert Labs, including McAfee Security Journal.
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15 Dec 2008
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