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Going Green While Reducing Operational Costs, an Interview with Joe Clabby - Videocast

Where are costs piling up in your data center? What can you do to reduce these costs? Senior Editorial Events Manager Beth Nicholson interviews Joe Clabby, President of Clabby Analytics to discuss these issues and related questions that plague data center managers and their budget. Joe reveals what technology he feels will have the biggest influence on the data center's costs and what else enterprises can do besides dumping air for water cooling.


Joe Clabby President, Clabby Analytics Joe Clabby is a prominent researcher, analyst and public speaking guru. With almost 30 years experience in the computing industry, Joe has written dozens of specialized analytical reports on computer technology vendors as well as spoken around-the-world on evolving computing trends. As a distinguished technical author, Joe is best known for his books Visualize This and Web Services Explained. His new book entitled The Green CEO is due to be electronically published at the end of 2008.
10 Dec 2008

This resource is no longer available.