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Cisco Unified Communications: Unifying Communications Infrastructure

Cisco's unified communications vision combines individual systems with different communications capabilities into a cohesive, powerful communications ecosystem. The ecosystem is the enabling factor in allowing a business to revolutionize itself overnight.

Cisco's unified communications system does not represent a replacement for a telephone and voice mail system. Unified communications goal is to provide one common infrastructure that aligns disparate communications systems over an IP infrastructure. The unified communications approach aligns the following technologies:

  • Enterprise voice and voicemail systems
  • Cellular voice and voicemail systems
  • Single Number reachability
  • Video telephony
  • Audio conferencing
  • Video conferencing
  • Instant Messaging
  • Call center environments


Dennis J. Hartmann Contract Instructor, Global Knowledge Dennis Hartmann is a Global Knowledge contract instructor who provides consulting services through his company, White Pine Communications. Dennis Hartmann was first exposed to Cisco Call Manager in the 2.0 time frame while working at a Fortune 500 financial company. He has been providing training and consulting services around Call Manager since 2001 (Call Manager 3.0). Dennis has been working in the field of voice and data communications for over ten years. During that time, he has earned various certifications: CCIE# 15651, CCVP, CCSI, CCIP, CCNP , CCDP, IP Telephony Express Specialist, Unified Communications Specialist, IP Telephony Design Specialist, Optical Qualified Specialist, and MCSE.
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10 Dec 2008
10 Dec 2008
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This resource is no longer available.