7 Things Every System Administrator Should Know about OpenSSH

7 Things Every System Administrator Should Know about OpenSSH


OpenSSH is an open-source implementation of the SSH (Secure SHell) protocols, originally developed in 1995 by Tatu Ylonen. SSH-based tools provide secure client/server connections and are usually designed to replace older remote-access tools like rsh and telnet. Unlike their predecessors, SSH-based tools encrypt their transmissions, making it difficult or impossible for intruders to "sniff" important information, such as passwords, from the data stream. SSH implementations exist for every major platform including Microsoft Windows. This paper will focus on the OpenSSH implementation, which was initially developed as part of the OpenBSD project and is installed by default on most modern BSD and Linux-based operating systems, including Red Hat Enterprise Linux and Fedora. The goal of this paper is to provide a brief introduction to several techniques for getting the most out of this powerful tool.


Brad Smith Instructor, Red Hat Brad Smith installed his first Linux box while in high school in the mid-90s and has been working with Linux ever since as a system administrator, developer, and instructor. He has been an instructor and courseware developer with Red Hat since 2003.
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10 Dec 2008
10 Dec 2008
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