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Webcast - Closing the Four Security Risk Gaps of Mainframe Console Access

For many years, the mainframe has been considered inherently secure-behind a locked door with restricted access. The realities of today's enterprise, with wide network access of mainframe resources, have exploded the foundations of this assumption, exposing the mainframe to a much wider field of threats. Yet, many enterprises remain unaware of these risks due to lack of knowledge or misplaced confidence in mainframe security issues.

What does this mean for your enterprise? Could you have major security gaps in one of your most mission-critical IT environments?

The answer is yes. Your most highly-sensitive data could be-and most likely is-exposed at the mainframe console level. These risks include both internal and external corruption vulnerability, and the existence of these security gaps also means your company may not be meeting all of your regulatory compliance requirements.

This webcast is intended to help you:

  • Understand how gaps in console security access exist and why they could be putting your company at risk
  • Identify the major mainframe security gaps within your data center and on the network
  • Determine if your company could be in danger of failing to meet key regulatory compliance requirements

You will also learn how the ioEnterprise solution from I/O Concepts will allow you to:

  • Defend mainframe consoles from network risks
  • Control mainframe security at the console level
  • Get visibility into all of your mainframe activity for compliance reporting, troubleshooting of service issues, and forensic evidence of malicious activity

Failure to address these issues exposes your organization not only to security risks, but regulatory and business risks as well. The mainframe environment is often the custodian of your company's business-critical information. The information presented in this webcast can help you be sure your company's commitment to security includes all levels of mainframe access.


Scott Crawford Managing Research Director of Security and Risk Management, Enterprise Management Associates

Scott Crawford is a research director at Enterprise Management Associates. Crawford, CISSP, ISSAP, and ISSMP, has more than 15 years of experience in information technologies. Before EMA, he was the first information security officer for the International Data Centre of the Comprehensive Nuclear-Test-Ban Treaty Organization (CTBTO) at the UN’s third headquarters in Vienna, Austria.

Allan Fine Field Product Manager, I/O Concepts Allan Fine is the Field Product Manager for I/O Concepts, where he assists customers with learning how I/O Concepts solutions can help them consolidate, secure, and remotely access and monitor their mainframe data centers. Formerly, Allan was a product manager for Intuitive ERP software, founder and CEO of SolutionData, an ERP reseller and IBM business partner, and IT manager for a distributed IBM midrange and mainframe environment at Steelcase, a global office furniture manufacturer.
I/O Concepts Inc.
Dec 5, 2008

This resource is no longer available.