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Wales & West Utilities Distributes Data Entry Savings across the Company with Winshuttle


In 2008, Wales & West Utilities underwent a major cost centre restructure, shifting ownership of assets and improving process efficiencies across the entire company. Among other things that meant collating a huge amount of new or updated information within spreadsheets, then transferring that data to SAP within a very short space of time.


Wales & West Utilities now uses Winshuttle to streamline SAP data loading and extraction in multiple business areas, from finance to asset management.


By streamlining SAP data loading and extraction, the company's finance teams have uploaded 750,000 transactions with an opportunity saving of 2,284 working days over the course of just six months. For instance, Wales & West Utilities needed to create 15,000 internal orders to expedite the company's cost centre restructure. Winshuttle transferred all of those records in just three hours; it is estimated that the same task would have taken a full-time employee three months. In the company's asset management area, Winshuttle saved 30 days of development time in executing a complex change request.

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05 Dec 2008
05 Dec 2008
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This resource is no longer available.