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Data Center Projects: Growth Model


Faced with growing IT and business demands, long term data center or network room capacity planning may seem like an impossible task in today’s enterprise. Nevertheless, data center facilities have a lifetime that may span many generations of equipment, so planning - or a lack of planning - can have a significant impact on the effectiveness of your investments.

Many unnecessary costs can be avoided with simple planning strategies, and even uncertainty itself can be incorporated into your strategy. This white paper showcases a simple and effective way to develop a capacity plan for a data center or network room. Read on to get started!


Neil Rasmussen Chief Technical Officer, APC Neil Rasmussen is the Chief Technical Officer of APC. He establishes the technology direction for the world’s largest R&D budget devoted to power, cooling, and rack infrastructure for critical networks. Neil is currently leading the effort at APC to develop high-efficiency, modular, scalable data center infrastructure solutions and is the principal architect of the APC InfraStruXure system.
Suzanne Niles Senior Research Analyst, APC Suzanne Niles is a Senior Research Analyst with the APC Data Center Science Center, where she develops white papers and presentations on technical and strategic topics that support the APC mission. She studied mathematics at Wellesley College before receiving her Bachelor’s degree in computer science from MIT, with a thesis on handwritten character recognition.
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21 Nov 2008
20 Nov 2008
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This resource is no longer available.