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SharePoint in 2008: The Next Steps

Microsoft SharePoint 2007 Products and Technologies are rapidly becoming an important part of the enterprise. Organizations continue to look for ways to extend the system to meet user demand and requirements. How well is SharePoint addressing maturing enterprise needs? What are the options that customers have when extending SharePoint services to customers, partners, and contractors?

Burton Group Research Director Guy Creese will discuss the growth of SharePoint in the enterprise, the challenges of maturing deployments, and the market for solutions that support enterprise needs. This session will explore:

  • The current state of SharePoint as an enterprise collaboration platform
  • How SharePoint stacks up within the collaboration market
  • What are some of the limitations of SharePoint when extending it with other parts of the enterprise?
  • How has the third party market responded to gaps in the SharePoint functionality?
  • What can enterprises expect as they grow their SharePoint investments?


Guy Creese Vice president and research director for Burton Group Collaboration and Content Strategies Guy Creese is the vice president and research director for Burton Group Collaboration and Content Strategies. He covers content management, content analytics, enterprise search, records management, and information architecture. Prior to joining Burton Group, Guy was an IT industry analyst, support engineer, product manager of operating systems, software developer, and served as Co-chair of the Standards Committee for the Web Analytics Association. With 25 years of experience, Guy was the first industry analyst to cover web analytics and has a long history of analyzing how users create, disseminate, find and evaluate content.
17 Nov 2008

This resource is no longer available.