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The Future Carrier Network: Adopting New Outsourcing Business Models

With the telecom market undergoing a fundamental shift, operators are facing an array of challenges from both new and traditional providers seeking to gain competitive advantage. This paper is meant to help operators embrace a new strategy for differentiating and competing successfully in a market characterized by flux. It lays out the case for viewing the market not in terms of new technologies and service roll-outs, but rather in terms of new strategic business outsourcing models. It defines the imperatives driving the need for this approach, lays out the specifics of several such models, and enumerates the business benefits each model delivers. Finally, it explains how a managed services partner with a deep mix of experience and expertise can help in fully realizing the benefits that these business models enable.


Jack Zatz Director, Carrier Network Operations Offer Management, Alcatel-Lucent Jack Zatz oversees the development and roll-out of new offers and solutions in the Carrier Network Operations Business Unit within Alcatel-Lucent’s Network Operations Division. In this role, he develops the scope and content of new managed services solutions, the cost and pricing models, and the targeted sales strategy.
Karin Yates Marketing Communications Partner, Alcatel-Lucent Karin Yates leads the development and implementation of integrated marketing and communications for the Alcatel-Lucent Network Operations business division. Karin has global responsibility for formulation of communications and marketing strategy for Alcatel- Lucent’s managed network services and outsourcing business, as well as team leadership of communications and marketing specialists in the areas of analyst and public relations, speaker and event programs, online marketing, client marketing, and sales support.
17 Nov 2008
17 Nov 2008
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This resource is no longer available.