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Managing Complex Applications


Detailed visibility into the performance of your business-critical applications can improve the application management capabilities of your IT and application support teams. Understand how easily you can discover all the dependencies of your complex applications, with;



- automatic discovery and topology mapping of the application connections, processes, and interdependencies


- drill down into performance indicators of connections, usage, and application access times, depicting the relative health of a business' critical applications


- performance indicators highlight areas of concern, showing where to focus efforts to solve problems and optimize the supporting IT environment.


Listen to the Podcast, "Managing Complex Applications with Intelligence" for a quick overview of the challenges virtualization has brought to managing applications. BlueStripe co-founder and COO, Vic Nyman, will explain how using breakthrough technology enables application owners to deploy complex applications on VMs with confidence.


This 7-minute Podcast explains how FactFinder gives application support teams and IT departments the ability to efficiently manage application performance and availability in virtualized data center environments by mapping physical and virtual environments for a thorough understanding of applications and their interdependencies.


This Podcast will highlight that with the proper management visibility, the tools to measure, and the ability to triage their critical business applications, physical to virtual (P2V) conversions, application staging, Q&A and moving to production deployments can progress efficiently.


Register to attend "Managing Complex Applications with Intelligence" now at www/ to find out how you can stage, deploy, and manage business-critical applications in virtual data center environments with the same degree of confidence and control as traditional environments.


Vic Nyman Co-Founder and COO Vic Nyman is a successful veteran of multiple ventures in the systems and application management field. Prior to founding BlueStripe, Mr. Nyman served as Chairman and CEO of Relicore, Inc., in the ITSM Discovery market. Previously, he led Wily Technology into the market-leading Java application management company as their first business executive. He also held several executive positions with IBM, in the Tivoli and Networking Software organizations.
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18 Nov 2008
Nov 18, 2008

This resource is no longer available.