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Modern Malware Threats and Countermeasures


Spyware, or its more correct term malware, is an ever-evolving beast of software development that today ties heavily into the desire for financial gain. Malware developers are no longer disgruntled kids writing scripts from the computer in their grandmother's basement. Today, malware is big business, and with big business comes software sophistication. This free 19-page eBook discusses how the landscape of malware code has evolved to become a major underground industry.


You'll learn about the newest methods and practices hackers are using including:

  • System file patching and process infection
  • Code resuscitation
  • Code randomization
  • Rootkit and cloaking behavior and more!

Plus, you'll get a detailed look at the tools and techniques for eliminating modern malware, as well as requirements for effective solutions.


Greg Shields Founding Partner

Greg Shields, MVP, vExpert, is an independent author, speaker and IT consultant, as well as a founding partner with Concentrated Technology. With nearly 15 years in information technology, Shields has developed extensive experience in systems administration, engineering and architecture. He is a contributing editor and columnist for TechNet Magazine and a regular writer for TechTarget and other publications, and he has authored or contributed to 10 books and countless white papers and webcasts.

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17 Nov 2008
12 Nov 2008
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This resource is no longer available.