Virtual Data Center eZine - Vol.5

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According to the Data Center Decisions 2008 Purchasing Intentions Survey, server selection and disaster recovery (DR) are front-burner issues for data center decision makers. Inspired by the survey findings, this issue focuses on server choices for virtual infrastructures and the growing pervasiveness of virtualizing DR, guiding IT pros who plan to increase server virtualization investments in the next year.


Read on for expert insight on the following pertinent topics:


1. An analysis of key server resource areas, including CPU, memory, storage and network


2. Which 2U and 4U servers work best in virtualized environments


3. The impact of OS and server platforms on server choices


4. How virtualizing DR can speed recovery time objectives for virtual servers, increase utilization ratios on DR-dedicated servers, and simplify server and data management


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Feb 8, 2021
Oct 31, 2008

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