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Avoid the Top 10 Exchange Migration Headaches


Is your business planning a migration to Exchange Server 2007? If so, you know it won't be easy. An Exchange migration is one of the most complex, labor-intensive projects your enterprise can undertake, and if not properly executed, will negatively impact your business, your users and your help desk. In Quest's white paper, "Avoid the Top 10 Exchange Migration Headaches," learn how proper planning and execution help you overcome migration challenges like:


  • Cost
  • Downtime
  • Migration from non-Exchange platforms
  • Third-party integration
  • ...and much more


See how to cure Exchange migration headaches. Read this white paper today.


Joe Schurman Microsoft Joe Schurman is a four-time Microsoft Most Valuable Professional for Microsoft’s Unified Communications platform. Schurman has provided speeches to internal Microsoft employees, partners, IT pros, and customers in every region of the world, winning presentation awards from Microsoft’s TechNet program. Schurman is a published author of two books and is currently writing a new book through Pearson Publishing, Microsoft VoIP, which is due in stores in late 2008. He is a regular contributor for Redmond Media Group and has been featured in many Redmond and Redmond Channel Partner Magazines as well as online webcast events.
Keith Ridings Product Manager, Quest Software Keith Ridings is a product manager for Quest Software, specializing in migration solutions to the Exchange Server platform. Previously, he was a senior architect with Quest, delivering migration solutions and strategies to the Enterprise. Before joining Quest, Ridings served as a network engineer for a large legal firm where he was responsible for the messaging environment and messaging applications.
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29 Oct 2008
29 Oct 2008
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This resource is no longer available.